Friday, November 7, 2008

Fucking Ice Cream for dogs???

Just back from my local yuppie-jerkoff grocery store and when I thought it couldn't get worse I saw these.  Maybe I'm the asshole, but fucking doggie ice cream? Really?  Jesus what a bunch of lazy pampered faggots we are in this country, no no, keep buying your shithead kids BMWs and feeding the dog special ice-lollies, let me know how that works when the Chinese come-a-calling.  Hey, assholes, it's a fucking dog, its not a baby, it's a dog, as far as I know they can cope just fine with the kibble, or even the shit your fat ass didn't shovel down your pipe for dinner.  Ever seen a dog in "the wild", they're scavengers, they eat other animals' shit for christsakes!

Thank fuck Hillary Clinton lost, this shit suits her constituency to a T, now i'm off for a quick stroke.